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2003 / gallery PRINZ / Japan

material : gelatin silver print, RC printing paper , acrylic fiber , oak wood , sheep skin

Photograph like carved in stone.


Go on a trip and breathe the wind that blows in the city.

Travel sensitizes the sense of smell, which is not used at hometown.

And the wind sways, passing by the scenery of memories.

"count" exhibition in prinz gallery, Kyoto


2003 / gallery CASO / Japan

chiffon cloth skin

Everyone sleeps and wakes up.

Sometimes dream, it repeats.

Is sleep a continuation of what awake?

Or everyday life is there in the continuation of sleep?

Man, sleeps and sometimes dreams, they are common, after that...

What is certain may not be the events that occur while awake, but sleep.

portrait 1999


April 1999, Kyoto 

From the car window of Eizan Electric Railway

gum print 1
gum print 2


(Gum print)

2004, Kyoto

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