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My explores about "time", "memory", and "memory reconstruction". I still keep holding questions that children have.

I asked to my mother at a sleepless night aged when I was 6 years old, "I don't understand where I come from, and where am I going". ieji -the way home- is one of that those questions got into shape. Also around the same time, I thought we exist in or recognize time and all things are transience. One Sunday afternoon, I was looking at my mother who was in the balcony from the dimly lit room. She was hanging the laundry. It was warm and sunny day. I felt I was in a peaceful and happiness time. And the next moment, I felt sadness. I imagined she would be gone. The same moment same situation never comes again. 

"Trasarenu", it is said to be a unit of suspended dust in sunlight of ancient India. Our life might be dust in the bright room. Beautiful and ephemeral, precious moment.

Also I had questions that "where are people's memories come from, and is that memory really a memory of only their own?" 

When a person was born in this world you have a body and are confined in that box then become formed yourself. When the body dies, you might be return to the place where you came. Then you bring there all the information gathered while living. And all the information of all people has mixed there. And if you are sent back to the world again, it might be your personal memory and other massive information gathered little by little and will be born as the next person. "Why you will be able to understand other's feeling? Why people have imagination? Where are ideas come from?" Also I conceived that it might be a space is including or overlapping different times or memories. Sometimes I felt former or future something. It became KIRIMUKAURI or sf (sukoshi-fushigi) project.


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