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My art explores about "time", "memory", and "memory reconstruction". My old memory about those questioning start at an age of 6. 

I was afraid to fall asleep often. One night when my mother came to check on me, she found me crying. "I don't understand where I come from, and where am I going." ieji -on a way home- collection are one of that those memory got into shape. 


some roots of KIRIMUKAURI

1. A memory about I understood we are in the time, and all things are transience. One Sunday afternoon, I was looking at my mother in the balcony from the dimly lit room. She was hanging the laundry. It was warm and sunny day. I felt I am in a halcyon and happy time.  Then the next moment, sadness came up. I imagined she will be gone someday. In an instant, feel happiness and sorrow (present, past and future)  at the same time often, in my childhood. The same moment same situation never comes again. 


2. "Where do discoveries, inventions, and inspiration come from?” "Why human being have imagination?"

”Why can human empathize with others?""Are memories really only yours?" 

... When a person was born in this world you have own body and confined in that box, then become formed yourself. When the body dies,  we may become existing just memories and information, or  might be return to the place where you came. You bring there all the information gathered while living. All information has mixed there. If you will sent back to the world again, it might be your personal memory and other massive information gathered little by little and will be born as the next person. 

Sometimes, I felt former or future something from a person or place. I conceived that it might be including or overlapping different times or memories. I am me and I am not only me, might be. Those questions shaped to KIRIMUKAURI and SF project.


My hope is that my creations act as an aid in connecting you to your own memories. Or as a device to recall our primordial memories.


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