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My explores about "time", "memory", and "memory reconstruction". I still keep holding questions that children have.  As a child I was often afraid to fall asleep. One night at 6 ages, when my mother came to check on me, she found me crying. She asked why, I replied "I don't understand where I come from, where am I going". This question later led to my works "ieji -on a way home" and took shape.

Also around the same time, I understood that we are in the time, and all things are ephemeral. One Sunday afternoon, I was looking at my mother in the balcony from the dimly lit room. She was hanging the laundry. It was warm and sunny day and I felt I am in the time that a peaceful and calm. Then the next moment, sadness came. I felt a future where she would be gone. The same time same situation never come again. Also after more aged, I was thinking that where are people's memories come from, and is that memories really a memory of only their own? Those question got led to "KIRIMUKAURI series" and SF project.

Hope that the results of my exploration will help visualize the universal questions that people have, give us an opportunity to reconnect with ownselves that we tend to forget, and spices that bring laughter to each lives.

Chefchaouen, Morocco,2017
2016-09-09 4 31 34
india-post card


rudimentary and trivial documentary of everyday life by  rumi fukumoto.






installation art



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