About me


My explores about "time", "memory", and "memory reconstruction". I still keep holding questions that children have. I asked my mother at 6 years old night, "I don't understand where I come from, and where am I going". ieji -on the way home- is one of that those questions got into shape. Also around the same time, I understood that we are in(inside) the time, and all things are transience. One Sunday afternoon, I was looking at my mother who was in the balcony from the dimly lit room. She was hanging the laundry. It was warm and sunny day. I felt I was in a peaceful and happiness time. And the next moment, I felt sadness. I imagined she would be gone. The same moment same situation never comes again. 

"Trasarenu", it is said to be a unit of suspended dust in sunlight of ancient India. It might be like our life is dust in the bright room. Beautiful and ephemeral, precious moment.


Email: kadoya5vo@me.com                                  

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