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Experimental Arts and Performance,
SF project

SF project The project in order to explore ways of interacting with artists living in the same era, presenting their works, and managing or creating jobs. It started in collaboration with one of my university classmate. The contents of the project will be decided according to the participants and the place to use. It was seems like a traveling circus.






MOCOSHAWL room 206
(Dance performance)

The wind that blew over the mountains strokes the grasslands and drops a silver song far away

The stage is a room in an apartment.

The remnants of the previous residents (shadows) and the current resident exists at the same time.

(superposition dance)


Superposition of memory of the building and time.

the previous resident(shadow) = the performer plays

the present residents = ordinary person plays (not any performer)

The story is set in a museum in a future that the retrospective exhibition of Fumio Tsumari who is a fictitious painter. The museum has exhibited paintings and serigraphs. Picture frames run the wall and find the works that fits itself. While the spectator goes around the museum some of his memory comes out from paintings. Finally, the audience is not in the museum but in the small apartment where he lived.

Performanced by Haruna Tanaka(corporeal mime), Mariko Yoshitake

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