title. welcome home おかえり

project. KYOTO ART ANNUAL 2004

date. March 2004

city. Kyoto 

cooperation: Sewing by Chisato Ishikawa

There were two small rooms  of  "welcome home" in a same big room, with different viewpoints. The front room showed "Welcome home" as bird's-eye view and first person viewpoint.

And between the two rooms there was a small tea space. If you visited there, I would have say welcome home and make a tea for you.


Social Welcome home 

Most people live in villages or towns and live in an assemblage. There are houses, and their daily lives are. Opens the door, goes out and walks down the street and comes back. Time goes on with that repetition.


Personal Welcome home 

About the staircase for jumps down, just a thought, the falling moment is resembles meaning of something. What does it mean "to last go back"? When "alive" ends and the moment of falls may be similar. It is one's own Welcome home that you would get while alive.

Sometimes I think that I want to return to a beast. I forgot what I do not want to forget and I wondered what it was. The beast made that chunk. 


Welcome home,

    Would you like  some tea?


title. welcome home (365days)

project. vacation rental

date. August 2014 - May 2016

city. Kyoto 

I opened a vacation rental about two years from 2014. On one occasion I was aware that I had been continuing "welcome home in2004" in my eveliday life. Travelers stayed my house from two days to half a year. And some of them returned here time to time. Some 500 travelers stayed in about two years. I said welcome home and made some tea everyday 365 days.