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documentary of rudimentary or subtle everyday life

in south america

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KIRIMUKAURI ver.4 (2018)

We exist inside time. Present, past, future. We are in the flow of time that go toward a future. In the long time flow, its existence is only an instant blink. However you are here now, at that time was there, tomorrow might be over there. We can not see the time, but we exist in the time. When we are in same time, we can recognize each other's existence.


KIRIMUKAURI is a box of "time" and "memory".

To project shadows in a transparent box that fog has entered. As long as the fog is in the box, the shadows become a three dimensional independent existence, you can see it. When the fog disappears from the box, the shadows pass through the box and fall on the walls or floor. Even if you can not see it, the shadows are present not only in the wall but also in the box.


Photons exist universally. For example, conceptually you can see 25 years ago you if you see Earth now with a super high performance telescope from Vega 25 light years away. In the photon level we exist there to here.

Existence is uncertain, however you certainly were there.

Fog = Time

Shadow = Existence or Memory 

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