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title. The wind blowing the mountain strokes the meadow and drops a silver song far away.

project. SF project

date. July 2004

city. Kyoto 

cooperation: Fumio Tsumari by Narue Yoshida

The story is set in one day in a future, the retrospective exhibition of Fumio Tsumari had hold who is a fictitious artist.

The museum has exhibited painting and serigraph. Picture frames run the wall and choose the works that fits itself. Eventually some of his memory comes out from paintings. Finally, the audience is not in the museum but in the small apartment where he lived.


project. SF project

date. August 2004

city. Oumihachiman

cooperation: Performance by Haruna Tanaka, Mariko Yoshitake 

The story is set in a room in an apartment.

Superposition of memory and time, of the apartment.

The remnant of previous inhabitants and the present inhabitant exist simultaneously.

the past inhabitant (shadow) = the performer is corporeal mime dancer

the present inhabitant = the performer is not any dancer

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